A little background – why this blog exists

Welcome to The Judiciary Interpreter Blog, the blog by interpreters, for interpreters!

Legal Scales of JusticeWe hear very little about HOW we decide to become “Interpreters”, and some of us become “Court Interpreters”, or “Judiciary Interpreters”. In this blog we will document the journeys that start when a decision is made to become a Certified Court Interpreter, one of the relatively few who decide to give equal language footing to a person in the eyes of the law.


This is not always a straight-forward journey. At least, it has not been for me — and I suspect it is not for many others!

My name is Al Navas, Interpreter. I passed the Written Exam to become a Certified Court Interpreter in Missouri, USA. I will take the Oral Exam in a few weeks; if I pass it, I will be certified to interpret in State courts. Wish me luck!

Stories, and our journeys

This blog will be about the journey I have been through. But I hope other Court Interpreters will share their experiences. It is my intent to make this a platform where others will contribute their journey, how they decided to become court interpreters and, once they became certified, and how they view the profession.

Ultimately, I hope this blog will be all about our collective journey to become a Certified Court Interpreter; the dreams, the sweat, the long hours of practice to hone our language skills so we can deliver the best performance every time we help someone in court, or in front of the Law.

We can never lose sight of why we appear in front of the Law: We are there to help bring persons who are not proficient in the English language, to the same language level as a native person. Nothing more, and nothing less.


Al Navas, Interpreter — Missouri