The #IntJC Interpreting Journal Club

The #IntJC meets every two weeks on chats held on the Twitter social network. It is the brainchild of Lionel Dersot. Lionel  ”…provides market entry support for SMEs, (and) is a Business Liaison Interpreter in Tokyo” (from Lionel’s About Page on Google+).

#IntJC on Google+

A little history about #IntJC

To date, #IntJC has held nine Twitter chats on various topics. The archived chats are found at the #IntJC initiative blog. Every session offers participants the opportunity to discuss a new topic, and in many cases a current and important topic. Lionel is even exploring the potential of having Google+ hangouts, as a new outlet for #IntJC. We will work with Lionel and the entire #IntJC Team to implement this new outlet!

Take, for example, the upcoming Twitter chat.

Why you should attend the next meet

I invite you to join Lionel and Session 10 of the #IntJC on Twitter, to discuss Justice on the Cheap.

This will be an interesting topic. Why? It is current, ongoing, and highly controversial. It may affect the very livelihood of many interpreters in the U.K.

You owe it to yourself to attend

Up for discussion: The case of the UK Minister of Justice outsourcing interpreting services to the private sector. Read the background material, and prepare for the session by going back to read the Discussion Points – Lionel will post these ahead of the meet on January 4. Don’t forget to set your clocks for the meet using the world clock!

Your turn
  • Is there more we can do to help the #IntJC effort?
  • If so, what, and how?
Please leave a Comment in the section below. Thanks!
Al Navas


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful pitch. Interpreters and translators are invited to join these dynamics, create their own and nurture lateral professional discussions. The tools are here. It is just a matter of will.