Diy Chair Upholstery

Sew as required. This section is deliberately scant due to the fact that you need individual instructions depending on the chair type and the amount and type of panels being sewn. In general, you’ll need to sew seams in place, join front and back panels, arm panels, cushion panels, etc. You’ll also need to stitch […]

Aeron Chair Size Chart

You are here: Home » Aeron & Embody » Aeron PostureFit Selecting The Correct Size of Aeron® Chair & Why It’s Important Herman Miller the manufacturer of the Aeron® chair produces its flagship product in 3 sizes to enable people to select an office chair made for their body size, click here for the Size […]

Alvar Aalto Chair

Alvar Aalto Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is probably the most famous Finnish architect and designer in the world. In 1921 Alvar Aalto got the Diploma of Architecture at the Helsinki Institute of Technology and his career as an architect started. One of the most important works he was commissioned was the planning of the Tuberculosis Sanatorium […]

Office Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Office Chairs Ergonomic office chairs give you better comfort, better posture, and improved health. Well-designed ergonomic chairs can be the difference between pain or comfort at the end of the work day. Well-built ergonomic chairs are meant to conform to your body rather than the other way around. These office chairs make it easy […]

Chiavari Chair Cushions

Our upholstered board cushions provide a more permanent look for your Chiavari chairs. They are made to fit all Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs as well as some off-brand Chiavari chairs. These cushions feature high quality internal foam that is upholstered with a soft synthetic leather that is durable and easy to maintain because of the […]

Ergonomic Desk Chair

Masterpiece Remastered Rediscover the Aeron Chair Learn More Video Aeron Remastered Explore the new Aeron Chair with co-designer, Don Chadwick Watch Video View All Designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick Related Designs Aeron Stool Part of the Thrive Portfolio Learn more Adjusting Aeron How to tune and use your chair for maximum comfort and support. […]

Stand Up Chair

Sit-Stand Seating Sit-Stand Seating Allow your body the freedom to move and engage your core with a Sit-Stand Chair that’s designed to eliminate lower back pain. Sit-stand chairs and stools allow you to shift your weight and rest periodically while standing, so you can stand longer. Alternate between all of your sitting and standing postures […]

Desk Chair Ergonomic

Many people spend 8 hours or more sitting in an office chair every day – longer than they may spend sleeping on a mattress! That's why it's important to find a chair that offers the right combination of support features to suit your needs. Selecting an ergonomic office chair can offer a range of benefits, […]

Executive Leather Chair

Executive Chair & High Back Office Chair – Find an Executive Office Chair Right for You Do you want to leave a lasting impression on visiting clients and ensure that employees are comfortable as they work? Executive office chairs, otherwise known as high-back manager seating, make a truly professional statement in any work environment and […]

Pool Lift Chair

You must consider first consider your weight limitations and whether or not the lift will be permanently installed. When intended for multiple users, it is recommended you purchase a heavy duty pool lift listed for a higher weight capacity, 450lbs maximum capacity or more, whether it is portable or not. Because it is difficult to […]