Standing Task Chair

Standing Task Chair

Many people believe that standing is better than sitting, especially for those who have desk jobs or work long hours on their computers. Standing for hours on end in front of a standing desk isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, but it could give you the added benefits promised for those who stand up more. Adding some comfort to this, though, is the StandRight Standing Task Chair. It basically lets you cheat a little while you do your work at your standing desk. The Standing Task Chair is designed to support you while you stand, distributing the weight between your butt and knees. It also has supports for your knees and an inclined footrest so it’ll make you feel like you’re sitting on air. That’s definitely a whole lot more comfortable than just standing up. The Standing Task Chair was designed by Jeff Heath and it’s up for funding on Kickstarter through July 1st. A minimum pledge of $499(USD) will get you one of your very own.
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Standing Task Chair

The Standing Task Chair is a chair that encourages you to adopt and maintain an ergonomic working position. Designed to be used with standing desks such as XTable, the chair supports your body while it’s in a standing position, with the shape it encourages being something akin to the standing meditation pose seen in yoga. It shares some similarities – and raison d’etre – with the Focal Locus workstation.
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Standing Task Chair

We know that working at a standing desk leaves us with more energy at the end of the day. We know the increased activity level that standing for parts of the day gives us leads to firmer muscles and greater creativity. However, standing too long at a time leads to muscle fatigue and discomfort. The proper standing desk mat alleviates that somewhat, but for maximum benefit of working at a standing desk you should consider purchasing an adjustable height desk or include the right standing desk chair.
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This is a fairly new concept, but a very exciting one. Currently there are a few ideas or products available, but not a highly competitive market. One that caught my eye, is called the Standing Task Chair and was actually a Kickstarter project. Unfortunately, its funding was unsuccessful and they haven’t revealed where they plan to go. But the product is great and revolutionary. I encourage all standing desk owners to keep an eye our for what happens next with the Standing Task Chair.
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There has been a trend of late towards standing desks, borne out of the very real notion that sitting down for long periods of time is bad for your health. The problem is that standing desks don’t suit everyone, and can in fact cause bad backs, sore feet, and varicose veins if not used correctly. One solution may be to aim for somewhere betwixt sitting and standing, which is where the Standing Task Chair may prove its worth.
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Chair Standing Task Chair is composed of two main elements, – the seat resembling a bicycle seat and the platform for the feet, which allows you to decrease the stress onto your back. Two structural elements make this ergonomic chair design very comfortable and healthy. Standing chair design
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A reviewer says her doctor recommended working at a standing desk to alleviate stenosis, and she is finding the chair to be excellent for her issues. A six foot, 200 pound male says the chair at the highest point fits his desk height perfectly. Several people mentioned the chair rolls too easily making it a little scary. One said she ordered gliders to replace the wheels. Only 72 percent of reviewers give the chair a four star or higher rating. Many of the three stars are because the chair is too tall, though, a feature that would be sought out by other buyers. The chair has a Certified Green seal for having low VOC emitting materials.
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Wait, a chair for a standing desk? Yes, and let me explain why. One of the biggest misconceptions (I think) that people have about standing desks is that they stand at them all the time. But from what I’ve found, this isn’t good either. Our bodies aren’t meant to do that (especially with very little movement). The solution is a combination of sitting and standing, thus your standing desk should allow for both.
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Have you ever noticed your feet aching after standing for a long time? It may not even be that you were standing for too long, but rather than your feet are fatigued by the hard surface. Granted, comfortable and supportive shoes can help this tremendously, but you also need an anti-fatigue mat. I used a standing desk for some time without one (despite knowing one was recommended) and once I did purchase one, the difference was incredible and increased my comfortable standing time.
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The optimum height of a standing desk is elbow level. Your computer monitor should be positioned just above eye-level, so you don’t have to tilt your head up or down. The ideal chair is one that allows working at the desk in a standing position with occasional lean or sit time. If the chair can be used without having to move the computer or the person from the work space, it is the most effective.
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Many people believe that standing is better than sitting, especially for those who have desk jobs or work long hours on their computers. Standing for hours on end in front of a standing desk isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, but it could give you the added benefits promised for those who stand up more.
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A standing desk may be one way to solve the sitting problem but it doesn't solve the inactivity problem. Standing is not necessarily better than sitting if you do it for a prolonged period of time. Sure you may burn a few more calories but standing for long stretches can lead to things like poor valve functioning in the veins in the legs (i.e. varicose veins) and pressure on the knees, reducing lubrication, which can cause tearing.
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If a standing desk works for you, that's great. But if it doesn't, don't force it — especially if it negatively impacts your work. Standing while working might not be for you. It wasn't for me. And that's okay. Standing for long periods of time isn't much better than sitting anyway.
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Your body is supported in three ways: the seat (which looks like an oversized bicycle seat) takes the pressure off your legs, the pressure on your knees is relieved by a cushioned pad, and your feet are kept in an angled position by a raised platform. The creators of the Standing Task Chair claim this combination helps distribute your weight evenly.
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The seat is fully adjustable via the gas cylinder most office chairs use, and it also pivots at the floor allowing the user to twist and turn as needed. The Standing Task Chair is portable, featuring small wheels at the front which are activated by lifting the whole thing up by the seat.
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With all of this research pointing toward the benefits of getting out of your chair, I was eager to give standing a shot. When we moved into our new office for ooomf, I created my dream workstation. The focal point would be my standing desk.
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The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have done articles on the chair and the innovative German company that designed it. Numerous design awards were won by the Muvman and its predecessor, the swopper. The stool is neither for sitting nor for standing but for sit/standing with motion. It is museum worthy. The stool is too innovative to have much history on Amazon; three people love it, three like it and one says the pedestal pushed through the base to the floor, but she is continuing to use it. A final person realized it was not what he wanted, so he returned it.
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Mobis® I is an ergonomic task seat with attitude. Stripped of the conventional trappings of office chairs, Mobis’s minimalist design actually works with your body. Crazy, right? Mobis I offers the ideal level of healthy support for your body, keeping your spine in a neutral posture and your major muscles engaged. How does it work? Mobis I won’t stand for slouching! It gently enforces good posture by returning your spine to its healthy S-curve. And, because the seat’s angled design encourages movement, both your body and your brain stay engaged. Mobis I pairs perfectly with any standing desk or height-adjustable workstation. It’s smart, space-saving design is also ideal for meeting spaces, encouraging spontaneous collaboration and aha-moments. Want to make the Mobis I even more supportive? Make it a bundle and add the stabilizing foot rest (and save a few dollars while you’re at it).
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Standing desks may be all the rage, but they certainly have their downsides—and they aren't for everyone. Writer Mikael Cho explains why he ditched his standing desk, and how he combats the unhealthy side effects of sitting all day.

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